Featured image for “Terry Sharp X Moose and Fire X Future Glass Sherlock”
Featured image for “Fire and Ice UV Reactive Sherlock”
Featured image for “Millefiori Moodmat”
Featured image for “Slick Rick Glass X Future Glass UV Retticello Millefiori Jar”
Featured image for “Glass Fo Yo Hash X Future Glass Illuminati/Blu-V/Nova Wigwag Recycler and Carb Cap”

About Future Glass

For the past 21 years, Ben Birney has been exploring the world of borosilicate art, color, and design. Inspired by the beautiful intricacies of nature, the many states of the human mind and heart, and a deep love for experiencing cultures and people of the world through travel, Ben continues to capture timeless artistic exploration in a media that is currently in its renaissance. Formerly known as Global Glassworks, founder and artist Ben Birney has been focused on quality, detail, and reputation over the years with an ever-evolving style of hand pipes, bongs, rigs, jewelry and countless other examples of borosilicate art.